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Handmade in Canada.


"The Amplitude ELEVEN has a natural sounding, tube-like characteristic class A circuit with a wide gain range.  It covers anything from funky, slightly breaking up light drive to beefy, full-bodied distortion, and even long sustaining, responsive fat lead. Amplitude ELEVEN's flexible active EQ and harmonically rich clipping circuit is capable to produce beautiful tones for many genre.

Blue Channel - Amplitude ELEVEN's BLUE channel has 2 gain stages. It produces crunchy tone with a natural and smooth clipping texture with great clarity. Preamp "Gain" and Blue Ch. "Drive" act like "gain 1, gain 2" on some vintage amps. 

More "Gain" = more high mid, smooth and harmonically rich tone. 

More "Drive" = more aggressive, more bite, and edgy clipping texture

The RED channel is a 4-gain stage high gain channel that delivers saturated drive for rhythm or lead. 

More “Gain” less “Drive" = aggressive, edgy 

More "Drive” less “Gain" = smooth, responsive, and harmonically rich."

6 Degrees FX Amplitude Eleven Class A Overdrive

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