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  • I cant find my favourite strings.  Will you be adding more selection?
    Thant's the plan. Right now we're sticking to the more popular brands and gauges while also offering some variety. We're interested to hear what you're looking for. Please drop us a line in the Contact Us section.
  • Are custom options available for Canadian Made products?
    Yes! Contact us with what you're looking for and we can put you in touch with the best artisan to do it.
  • Do you ship outside Canada?
    Yes. If you are interested in having an instrument shipped outside Canada please contact us at for postal options. Be sure to include your address in the request. String subscriptions are based on domestic postal rates and therefore only Canadian destinations are eligible.
  • Where's all the Bass strings?
    We will be adding them soon. Unfortunately they are not well suited to our subscription program as that is based on domestic lettermail rates. Most Bass string packs are too large for regular mail and would therefore have to be sent as a parcel.
  • Can I switch my string subscription to a different set?
    Yes. Switching gauges is easy as there is no difference in cost. Choosing a different brand would require paying/refunding the difference as each set is priced individually. Send us an email to with your request.
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