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Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound

Alexander James has been building and designing guitars since 2002. His vast knowledge of exotic woods allows him to craft each instrument to match a certain tone. The quality of these instruments reflects his dedication and passion toward the organic feel of music.

Alexander James Guitars
Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound
Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound
Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound

Jillard Guitars 

Bespoke Electric Guitars 

"To create the best instruments for the hands of great musicians, to encourage the creation of amazing music."  Jason Jillard is one of the finest builders in Canada.  His creations are functional sculptures as much as they are inspiring instruments.

Jason Jillard Guitars at Birchway Sound
Jillard Guitars at Birchway Sound
Jillard Guitars at Birchway Sound
Jillard Guitars at Birchway Sound
Jillard Guitars Birchway Sound
Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound

Harold Dickert Guitars 

Acoustic Steel String & Solid Body Electric.

"Utilizing traditional or exotic woods.  This is about making dream guitars come true.  As a player first, I know what to look for in a guitar.  For me as a builder, it's about the freedom to explore wood species of forests from all over the world.  Willing to look beyond Maple, Mahogany, and Rosewood.  From traditional woods and designs, with your chosen custom features, or if you're game - taking risks and exploring a new world of tones."

Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound
Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound
Harold Dickert Guitars at Birchway Sound

Dr. K's Fine Guitars 

Electric Art Guitars

The mysterious Dr. K has been designing and building stringed instruments in Montreal since 2009.  As inspiring to play as they are eclectic, they incorporate a delightful blend of exotic woods, found accents, and boutique hardware.  These incredibly unique guitars are each one-off builds, so when you find one you love that's the time to grab one!

Fredrick Guitars

Grimsby, Ontario based Curtis Lambert began producing guitars after a successful career as a fine-art cabinetmaker.  His design sensibility and superb manufacturing process allows him to create incredibly inspiring and beautiful instruments. 

Galgleish guitars
Dalgleish guitars

Antoine Dalgleish

Boutique Electric Guitars

fresh and bespoke take on classic design and tonal compliments since 2011.  Based in Montreal, Dalgleish strives to find the perfect marriage of genius within simplicity and inspiration within nostalgia, using the finest available materials.  

Dalgleish Guitars

Grace & Mercy Craftworks 

Custom Electric Guitars

Luthier Robbie Jaster's life has come full-circle. He grew up in a musical home and enjoyed a musicians career in the late '70's and  & '80's in Montreal & Toronto. He then took-up woodworking which led to teaching the craft at a Hamilton high school.  In 2012 he blended his two passions together and started G&M Craftworks where his electric guitar creations took root.  In 2016, his first two instruments went up for sale at Birchway Sound!

"Got our Telecasters set up and sounding great! Would recommend them to anyone, reasonable rates and good conversation are an added bonus. Besides, if they're good enough for Bob Doidge, I mean, come on..."

Jordan Clark

"Burn The Louvre", Hamilton, Ontario


Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10am-5pm

Saturdays & Wednesdays 12-6pm

Evening appointments available by request

Note:  If we are not here during these times we are either across the road at the studio or out addressing other customers needs.  Please contact us with your request.

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