All Guitar repair is done in-house.  Most Amplifier & Electronics repair is handled by our friends at Rich Audio in Stoney Creek.

Luthier Services

noun  lu·thi·er   \ˈlü-tē-ər, -thē-ər\

French, from luth lute (from Middle French lut)

~ one who makes or repairs stringed musical instruments (as violins or guitars)

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For consultation, please contact us at

OK, so you’re reluctantly handing over your instrument, head turned to one side, eyes closed holding her out with both hands and in a rather defeated tone of voice you say, “Take her.” And as you drive away, you look back as if wanting to see her waving goodbye to you from the window…


It sucks. We understand perfectly.


What to expect from us…

● Your instrument will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity, regardless of make, age, quality or country of manufacture.

● The work area will be isolated, meaning the parts of the instrument that are not being worked on will be covered and protected.

● Our client list is strictly confidential. 

● One instrument at a time. If you need significant work done, email us ahead of time so we can arrange a window in our schedules that will fit.  That will also give us a chance to order parts if required.

● We will do nothing outside of the requested work without asking and providing options and a quote.

● Our sponsored players and studios take priority, followed by other professional musicans.  




What we ask of you…

● Talk to us. Tell us as much about your instrument as possible so we can leave no stone unturned. We want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of what you get back.

● Prices are firm, and very competitive. By all means get quotes from other sources, but if you go with someone that is significantly cheaper please don’t bring it to us afterward to clean up their mess.

● Providing you are happy with our work, tell others and show them what was done. Also, completely honest feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated! Your instrument is our business card.




"Got our Telecasters set up and sounding great! Would recommend them to anyone, reasonable rates and good conversation are an added bonus. Besides, if they're good enough for Bob Doidge, I mean, come on..."

Jordan Clark

"Burn The Louvre", Hamilton, Ontario


By Appointment Only

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm-6pm


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