Studio Instrument Rentals

Our instruments are a combination of rarity, uniqueness, playability and tone. Each one will make you play a bit differently. Some are tailored to a specific type of tone or musical genre, others are meant simply to inspire creativity. The perfect compliment to a studio space for a period of writing and recording your next offering. Expertly set-up to your liking, many of them are customizable to fit your needs or to get you to the sound you're looking for.


If you're interested in using our gear outside of our learning space, please let us know. Prices vary based on repeat patronage, instrument or length of use. 


If you have a particular instrument in mind that you don't see on our list but would like to record with, please contact us with the request. We have several other private collections we are able to tap in to.


Please note: This is a private collection of players instruments and as such some of them have been modified to achieve a particular tone.   Not all instruments below are kept at the shop.

Acoustic Guitars...

1937 MARTIN "R-17" archtop

1948 SS STEWART archtop

1953 SILVERTONE (Kay) "618" jumbo flattop

1961 GIBSON "Tenor"

1965 GIBSON "B-45"


1980 GUILD "D-40cs"

1981 MARTIN "D-28"

1998 SEAGULL "S6 Pro" cutaway

2002 REPUBLIC "Tri-cone" resonator

2013 TAYLOR "214"

Electric Guitars...

1958 SILVERTONE "Lap Steel"

1960 HARMONY "Meteor" ~ with dual DeArmond Goldtone pickups

1962 NATIONAL "Westwood"

1970 GIBSON "Les Paul Custom"  Black Beauty

1971 GRETSCH "Roc Jet" ~ with Bigsby Palm Pedal B & G bender

1972 GIBSON "ES-340" ~ wired as a 335

1974 GIBSON "Les Paul Signature" goldtop ~ 335 style with stock hi-lo-fi pickups

1974 GIBSON "S-1"

1977 ROLAND "GR-500" Les Paul style Synthesizer guitar with console

1977 GIBSON "RD Artist" with Moog electronics and Seymour Duncan Blackouts

1979 GIBSON "Les Paul" wine red

1979 AMPEG "Dan Armstrong" Lucite

1979 LADO "Zebra-1"

1980 GIBSON "335S" solid body with Gibson Dirty Fingers

1980 GIBSON "Victory MVX"

1981 GIBSON "Victory MVII" with P90s

1981 GIBSON "Victory MVII" with Stetsbar Pro

1983 FENDER "Telecaster" ~ maple fretboard

1985 FENDER "Performer"

1988 EPIPHONE By GIBSON "Sheraton" ~ 335 with Seymour Duncan '59's

1992 CUSTOM "Telecaster" ~ Bigsby, Seymour Duncan Phat Cats, rosewood fretboard

1994 GIBSON "Nighthawk"

1995 FENDER "Stratocaster" ~ with custom pickups, maple fretboard

1996 FENDER "Jazzmaster" ~ with Mastery bridge

1996 FENDER "Telecaster" ~ road worn, rosewood fretboard

2002 GIBSON "Firebird VII"

2005 PRS "McCarty" ~ 10-Top


1972 RICKENBACKER "4001" Azureglo

1974 FENDER "Jazz" blonde with maple fretboard

1979 OLIVO ~ with Bartolini active pickups

1994 LADO "Signature"

2001 ERNIE BALL "Stingray"

2005 FENDER "T-Bucket" Acoustic

2010 GRETSCH "G5440LS Electromatic"


1958 Silvertone 25w 1x12 lap steel combo

1962 National 5w 1x8 combo

1964 Fender Blackface Deluxe

1968 Traynor YBM-2B 15w 1x15 combo with JBL D130F

1981 Marshall JMP Mark II 2204 50w head

1982 Seymour Duncan Convertible 100w 1x12 combo

1987 Mesa Boogie Studio 22

1999 Fender Bassman reissue 40w 4x10 combo (with 2x WGS & 2x RI Jensen)

2010 Fender Pro Jr 15w 1x10 combo (with RI Jensen)

2010 Peavey Classic 20 1x10 combo


1968 Ludwig 5x14 maple

1978 Ludwig "Vistalite" 6x14

1998 Pearl "Sensitone Signature" 5x14 brass

2004 DW 6x13 maple

2010 Pearl "Popcorn" 5x10 maple

"Got our Telecasters set up and sounding great! Would recommend them to anyone, reasonable rates and good conversation are an added bonus. Besides, if they're good enough for Bob Doidge, I mean, come on..."

Jordan Clark

"Burn The Louvre", Hamilton, Ontario


By Appointment Only

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm-6pm


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