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Handmade in Canada.


“The Boosted Fuzz is Southampton Pedals' take on one of the classic pedal combinations.  Featuring a Rangemaster-style circuit as the front end of a Fuzz Face, this pedal provides a versatile fuzz that can go from velcro-ey to saturated and everywhere in between. By using low-gain silicon transistors, the Boosted Fuzz retains a lot of the sonic characteristics of germanium fuzzes (excellent volume rolloff, smooth clipping, etc) with the stability and cost of a silicon pedal.  With the 'Pre' knob on full, the Boosted Fuzz is a full spectrum fuzz that saturates easily with tons of bass.  Rolling off the 'Pre' removes bass and mellows out the fuzz.  The 'Bias' knob will starve the circuit fully off, creating a velcroey fuzz, and will over-saturate the pedal fully on. The controls are incredibly interactive and can shape the fuzz in countless ways.   As with many versatile fuzzes, oscillation and noise will occur in some settings; the 'bias' knob can typically be used to kill the noise between notes.”

Southampton Pedals Boosted Fuzz

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