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Handmade in Canada.


“The "Dyna Boost" is a multifunctional guitar booster. As we like to call it an "almost" clean boost, it reduces a bit the low-mid frequencies you don't need when you set it at lower settings. That helps you better cut into a mix, mainly in a live environement. It also can be used to push your amp to small or medium saturation level depending on the pickups you are using. The main issue you can find with many booster pedals is that they usually make you lose your amplifier identity - due to the lack of transparency. It won't happen with the "Dyna Boost". Very easy to use, this pedal allows you to have more clarity and presence while keeping your guitar and amp character. It's a very compact pedal that finds easily its place on a pedalboard. Once you push it on, you won't be able to push it back off!”

Jonny Rock Gear Dyna Boost

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