Some of the world's finest effect pedal makers are from right here in Canada!  We've carefully selected our product base to offer a diverse selection to tonal capabilities.  From new digital designs to classic analogue circuits, we have the perfect Canadian Made selection for your pedalboard!  Click on their logo to visit their websites.

Southampton Pedals dealer
Canada guitar pedals hamilton

Hand made guitar pedals from Guelph, Ontario.  Southampton Pedals is two pedal-obsessed  musicians striving to make effects which work for guitarists and bassists alike.

Boutique Pedals Hamilton
Fairfield Circuitry Hamilton Dealer
Fairfield Circuitry compressor

Unique, innovative, superior quality, these hand built creations from Hull, Quebec are sure to take you on a terrific sonic journey...

Southampton Pedals
Ellman Tone Dealer
ellman tone dealer

Ellman Tone

Classic tones with smart modern twists, these  hand built pedals from Newmarket, Ontario offer pro quality tone at great prices.

Union Tube Transistor Hamilton Dealer

Union Tube & Transistor

Deceivingly versatile tone monsters, these creations from Union Tube & Transistor in Vancouver, BC are appearing in the signal path of top industry professionals.

Union Tube Transistor Hamilton Dealer
Jonny Rock Gear dealer
Jonny Rock Gear dealer
Canada guitar pedals hamilton
Jonny Rock Gear dealer
Jonny Rock Gear dealer

Built in Montreal, these pedals offer quintessential tone and professional quality performance and versatility.  We carry the full line of these terrific pedals!

ground control audio dealer
Ground Control Audio dealer
Ground Control Audio Dealer Hamilton
Ground Control Audio Dealer

With artwork as amazing as the tone, the hand built, very well conceived and versatile pedals are certain to stay on your pedalboard for a very long time.  We carry the full line of their products too!

Nanolog Audio

"Where traditional silicon and germanium diodes crush, compress, and saturated your tone, our devices use carbon nanotechnology to maintain and enhance the organic textures of your sound."

Videotape Echo

Winnipeg based and hand-wired with love, tweaked to taste by ear,  and intended for someone who appreciates the quality craftsmanship that  comes with building effects by hand, one by one.

Demedash Videotape Echo

Montreal based boutique handmade effects with a no-nonsense approach to design that is both innovative and intuitive. Their commitment to excellence ensures each one of their pedals is worth its weight in gold.

hyper catalyst

6 Degrees FX pedals are perhaps the most meticulously hand crafted, turret board design from Vancouver B.C. Canada using non-compromised, top-quality parts and with true passion. 

Best univibe pedal
Guitar pedals Hamilton
Best Fuzz pedal
Custom pedals hamilton

Meticulously hand built in Montreal using as many vintage old stock components as possible ~ these pedals nail the true vintage tone with modern reliability.

Best tube overdrive pedal

Hand-built in Edmonton, Alberta, these are killer boutique pedals at wallet friendly prices.

best tube overdrive pedal
Best fuzz pedal ontario
Best boost pedal

Butcher Pedals

From North Sydney, Nova Scotia

"Got our Telecasters set up and sounding great! Would recommend them to anyone, reasonable rates and good conversation are an added bonus. Besides, if they're good enough for Bob Doidge, I mean, come on..."

Jordan Clark

"Burn The Louvre", Hamilton, Ontario


By Appointment Only

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm-6pm


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